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Glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower design

Cooling tower water inlet direction by 90 °, 180 °, 270 ° rotation.

Cooling tower water inlet temperature T1 and T2 temperature difference δ t, δ t is called the cooling water temperature, generally speaking, the bigger the temperature difference, better cooling effect. Production, Delta t, the larger the equipment required for the production of cooling water flow rate can be reduced. But if the water inlet temperature T1 is high, even if temperature δ t great, cooling water temperature is not reduced to meet the requirements of, so such an indicator is needed, but that question is not comprehensive enough.

Between the cooling tower or the distance between the tower and other buildings in addition to ventilation requirements, interaction between towers and buildings, but should also consider building fire and explosion safety distances and the cooling tower construction and maintenance requirements.

Materials and-50 ° c temperature of the cooling tower, but for the coldest month temperature below-10 ℃ area should be indicated when ordering, so that the anti-icing measures. Cooling tower costs about 3%.

Water distribution system is based on the design in the name of, on behalf of the actual quantity and quantity variance of ± 15% above, should be indicated when ordering, in order to modify the design.

Cooling water temperature T2 and wet-bulb temperature of the air near degree δ ξ t', δ t'=T2-ξ (℃), δ t' known as cool high. Δ t' smaller values are better cooling effect. Δ t' in fact cannot be equal to zero.

Cooling tower parts in storage during transportation, which must not lead, not Sun, and fire. Cooling tower installation, transportation, repair in the process not to use electricity, gas welding, fire, shall not be set off firecrackers nearby Fireworks.

In accordance with the situation and the requirements of noise for the installation location, cooling tower options include: crossflow towers and counterflow Tower.

Cooling tower water drenching fillers of type to meet the water quality, the water temperature requirements.

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