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Wastewater Treatment for Black Water


 1. OverviewThe device is an underground plant (also can be above the ground) which adopts the advanced Biotreatment technology and the company's scientific research and engineering practice result, it can effectively remove BOD5,COD and NH3-N. The device is characterized by the stable performance, effective treatment, economical investment, automatic operation, convenience of maintenance and small occupying space. There is no need for plant construction, neither heating and heat preservation. The surface can be used as green land or square land.As the most efficient sewage treatment device, it is widely used in treating the sewage in the area of senior hotels, villa districts and residential districts, etc. The water after treatment would meet the national emission standards.2. Main Features(1) The device can be buried below the earth's surface. The surface can be used as green land or square land. Therefore, the device covers no surface area. And there is no need for plant construction, neither heating and heat preservation.(2) The device use plug flow biological contact oxidation pond, the effect is better. Besides, it is smaller than active sludge pool. The applicability to the water is stronger, impact resistance performance is good, discharging water is stable, there is no sludge expansion. In addition, the new elastomeric stereoscopic materials in the oxidation pond have a higher removing rate, and also can improve the water solubility of oxygen.(3) Because of the low volume load of fillings in AO bio-treatment technology of the device, and microbes are in the stage of oxygen, it would produce less mud. Generally only 90 days for one sludge removal.(4) Except for the conventional air exhaust, the device is equipped with soil deodorization measure as well. (5) The device is equipped with fully automatic electric control system and equipment damage alarm system. The device has a good reliability, generally, there is no need for special management, a monthly or quarterly maintenance is ok.3. Usage(1) The device can be used in treating the domestic sewage and related organic sewage;(2) The device features easy operation, automatic control, it can be buried under the ground;(3) Convenient maintenance, the working life can be more than 30 years.4. Application(1) Hotel, brewery, restaurant, sanatorium, hospital, school;(2) Residence community, villa district, village, town;(3) Station, airport, seaport and dock;(4) Factory, mine, army, beauty spot;(5) All kinds of industrial sewage similar to the living sewage, etc

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